How To Live A Longer Life? [Two Uncommon Yet Profoundly Powerful Steps!]

The previous week’s Sunday, I got a fluky enough chance to meet a person who shared with me a secret to live a longer life. He shared with me just a small sentence “Time of our lives are decided not by the years we live but the number of breaths we inhale.” He ment that our lifetimes or the total years of our lives are decided by the number of breaths we inhale. Each breath counts.

So in this very interesting post, I’m gonna share with you very practical steps which I assure you will increase the number of years you live! 


There are people who die at a very young age and there are people who have lived for more than 300 years (yes that’s true). The person whom I met and ancient sages living up on the himaiayan mountains have believed for more than 5000 years that the secret to live a longer life is proper breathing. In today’s world, no one really knows how to breath properly. I myself didn’t knew till I discovered this.
Now you know the secret to a longer life i.e. to breath properly. But how?
“To breath properly is to live properly” said an ancient philosopher. Here are few steps to improve breathing which will, at last, improve your health and extend the number of years you live!

So here are some techniques to live a longer life:

#1 Alternate Nostril Breathing Technique

This is a very simple yet powerful technique. 

Sit in an area where no one will disturb you with your feets crossed and your back straight. Close your eyes gently. Put your right hand’s thumb over your right nostril and inhale with the left to the count of two. Then hold your breath for next eight seconds and at the same time put your right hand’s pinky over left nostril. Now exhale fully. Practice this for only five minutes every day and results will soon start showing up!

#2. Green Fog Breathing

I discovered this powerful technique when I read Megaliving! by Robin Sharma.

This is a technique developed by the world-class martial artists of
 the Orient to place themselves into a state of serenity and elevated calmness before competition.  

The first principle of good breathing practice is to breathe not from only top part of lungs as we normally do but by breathing fully from all of the lung’s part.

Now lay down on your back in a place of quiet and gently close your
 eyes. Repeat out loud the following phrase slowly, “I am serene, strong and focused.” Then, as you inhale, visualize the air as deep green fog. Allow it to move into your body, moving slowly into the depths of your stomach.

When the calming green fog has
 travelled through your body relaxing every muscle, exhale it along with all the tensions that may have accumulated.

Keep doing this technique for 15 minutes every day and see the results!

I assure you that the above discussed proper breathing techniques will help you ×2 your energy. And the best part of these techniques is that they help you live a longer life!

Remember. “To breath properly is to live properly.”

Wishing you a healthy and a beautiful life. 

Your’s fan


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3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise. (~3 min read)

Hello my beloved readers!

It’s 4.37 am here as I share with you the 3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise. I’m the only one awake in my home. Dad, Mom, Sister an my Grandmother, all in deep forgetfulness of sleep in their cozy beds. I sit here on my chair on which I meditate.
Windows and terrace door kept wide open. It’s raining slightly and cool breeze fill my nostrils as I inhale, feeling grateful to get one more day to live a life again and to speak to you and to share with you one more time.

A totally different feeling comes when I wake up early in the morning at 4 a.m. I feel full of energy, ultra-inspired and highly-motivated to do something great. For me, there are no special hours in a day than 4 to 6 in the morning. It feels so fantastic to wake up when whole city is sleeping. There is no disturbance around me – no social media notifications, no noise to distract, no human awake to disturb.

These two hours in the morning are my hours to be ultra-productive. I wake up at 4, take bath, plug headphones in, turn the world around off and meditate for half hour. After 4.45, it’s time for me to work on myself – I take my journal out and start writing. During these perfect hours, I am full of bright thoughts and ideas and I note them down in memo. Then I read books or listen to music for one hour. And then the clock shows 6 a.m. The sun comes out, overcoming the darkness of night, reminding me that there’s always tomorrow to come, that there’s always brightness to overcome the dark.

So here are 3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise:

1. Don’t sleep lazily after your alarm goes off. It takes a real bit courage to wake up when your alarm goes off. Just force yourself off of the bed.
2. Set your alarm clock 30 minutes earlier. This is what I generally do. If I want to wake up at 5, I set my alarm at 4.30 … if 4, alarm set at 3.30.

3. Start it slow and small. If you generally wake up at 6, start small. Try waking up at 5.45 first. Then at 5. If you wake up at 5.30, try waking up at 5.15. It’s necessary to do this as your sleep cycle may get affected.

So, will you, from now, be a morning person? Hope that these 3 Innovative Approaches To Improve Your Early Rise may help you become morning person.

Will talk to you soon!

Your’s fan

P.S. Let’s not be only sled-concerned. Let’s together enlighten lives of people around us. Remember? At last, all that matters is what you become and how many did you help. Let’s help as many people together as possibly we can. Let’s share this post and let people know the importance of waking up early. Let’s spread to people these 3 Innovative Approaches to Improve early rise. I have deep faith and hopes within you! 

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There’s a powerful insight to share today.

In the book Awake in the World, Debra Moffit beautifully marks, “A careless word can start a war while a kind word may mark the start of a lifelong friendship.” Even though I knew this, before a few days, I barked out a sentence to the dearest friend of mine which of course has hurt him… If you are reading this right now, I’m really sorry from the core of my heart.


Just think, nothing can change a single useless and careless word uttered out of your mouth. Once an unkind word comes out of your mouth, you have no control over it.

It is better to speak less than to speak useless.
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Just thought to share a quote that keeps me ultra-inspired and highly-motivated!

“Greatness comes from beginning something that doesn’t end with you.”
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